# About Sakura Casino

SakuraCasino roulette is in beta. Our contract hasn't been audited yet. Please be sure to know the risks before betting or pooling.

SakuraCasino is a decentralized online casino based on the Polygon (Matic) network.
The casino consists of a roulette contract deployed in the Matic mainnet with an UI that interacts with that contract.

# Randomness beacon

SakuraCasino uses Chainlink VRF, which is a verifiable random function for smart contracts provided by Chainlink's oracle network.

This is the first provably-fair crypto roulette with true random number generation.

Most Solidity-based DApps use other sources for randomness, like the blockhash, but those have been proven to be vulnerable and biasable.

# Low fees and DAI betting

The roulette is deployed in the Matic network because of its low fees to operate. Making a bet cost less than a cent and you can use the DAI Stablecoin.

Pooling and earning interest on the Roulette earnings is open to everyone.

# Non-KYC and censorship resistance

The Roulette contract is deployed in the blockchain. It cannot be modified or tampered with. Anyone with a Matic wallet and DAI tokens can bet or provide liquidity by simply interacting with the contract.

There's a nice user interface deployed at app.sakura.casino for interacting with the contract. You can also clone our open source Github repository and run the DApp locally.

We use DAI because it's the only stablecoin that can't have blacklisted address (unlike USDT or USDC). Another benefit is that DAI is not dependant on any goverment or entity to secure its collaterals.

# Support

Our software it's still in an early stage and we have a lot of ideas for future functionality. Be sure to join us in our Discord server and get involved with the project.